Meet Valerie Wetmore

Valerie has an athletic body which responds really well to exercise and proper diet, but with a more athletic physic we have to be careful she doesn’t get overly muscular in her legs. Not only was the goal for Val to hit her measurements, it was also to keep her legs having a soft-more feminine look while being lean and fit at the same time.  In order to find the balance for Valerie we only did H.I.I.T once a week, also added in some more jogging. Cardio routines like kickboxing and piloxing were perfect for her. Valerie worked hard and never gave up, she did achieve her desired body and is now working consistently! 

Image by Unknown Photographer

Image by Unknown Photographer

I always hated working out before meeting Tara and although I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite thing in the world to do I can say that I never regret it when I see Tara! The variety of classes offered at the studio makes coming in fun and always challenging. Working 1 on 1 with Tara is great as well. She’s really good at designing a workout to feed to your specific needs and pushes you while still staying positive and encouraging. 

Want to see more of Valerie? Check out her IMG portfolio.