Experience Matters.

Tara has been a certified personal trainer since 2008. Having worked with women & men of all shapes and sizes, she realized her specialty is working with clients that want long, lean lines and a slim physique. Read about Tara's clients that have designed their bodies:

Having worked with over 40 signed models since 2013, here is a roster of her current & previous clients:

"As a new model (literally overnight!), working out five times a week has kept me sane amid the pace of it all! FIT to a T studio is the greatest and my trainer, Tara Faye Helwig, is the literal incarnation of Wonder Woman! She’s motivated me throughout my intense training courses. Even the names are intense: “Insane Kick Boxing,” “Sweat Shop,” “Vicious Cycle,” and “Body Sculpt,” to name a few."
- Alexis Primous (as featured in W magazine)

Solveig Hansen

Caroline Lowe

Jessica Strother


Lacey Nelson

Ronja Furrer

Dani Seitz


"I always look forward to training! You'll be sure to come out of Tara's classes feeling fulfilled, strong and very sweaty! Tara sends out inspirational motivation that is contagious and makes you want to work your hardest. There is also great music which makes everything better!!"
- Clara McSweeney

Valerie Wetmore

Luisa Hartman

Astrid Holler

Zuri Tibby

Zoe Bernard

Cayley King


"It only took a few days of training with Tara to see and feel a big difference with my body. Her positive attitude and great energy were a refreshing approach to fitness. And just because she's really sweet doesn't mean she didn't kick my butt in the gym every time!! Working out suddenly became something I enjoyed doing, and it was all thanks to Tara!"
- Kasia Szymanska

Dana Taylor

Montana Cox

Elza Luijendijk

HyunJi Shin

Shelby Naomi

Clodelle LaMay


"I always hated working out before meeting Tara and although I can't honestly say it's my favorite thing in the world to do I can say that I never regret it when I workout with Tara! The variety of classes offered at the studio makes coming in fun and always challenging. Working 1 on 1 with Tara is great as well. She's really good at designing a workout to feed to your specific needs and pushes you while still staying positive and encouraging."
- Valerie Wetmore

Mary Butterly

Alexandra Moxhan

Kim Reikenberg

Tess Richardson

Alexis Primous 

Kyra Green


"Working with Tara has changed my lifestyle and the way I look at health and fitness. She showed me how to eat clean with amazing recipes and suggestions she knew I would love. She pushed me to new limits and helped me become stronger than I thought I could be. I am so thankful to have Tara as a trainer and friend!"
- Rachel Nutt

Kathleen McDonald

Diana Silvers

Annemijn Dijs

Kasia Syzmanska

Laura James

Dominique Golder