Personal Training

It's simple. You need a custom approach.

There is a way to stay lean that doesn't require severe fasts & binge cardio sessions. Those can work, but not for the long term. Tara will work with you to find sustainable options for your specific needs.

"Training with Tara has been a wonderful experience for me. She pushes me to go past my limits and to make the absolute most of my workout. While still being super friendly and approachable! I always leave my workouts with Tara feeling strong and like I can take on anything."
- Shelby Naomi

What it means to train like Tara's girls:

  • Custom training designed to address specific needs & often strategic parts of your body
  • Setting goals & charting your progress to keep you on track
  • Work with an industry insider & expert in the field
  • Effective & sustainable nutrition coaching & support
  • Workouts & techniques to take with you on the road
  • Accountability, Support & Results
  • Combination of personal training & classes, 5x per week for fastest results

"Tara puts together the perfect schedule for you and has great motivation- always fun to get your ass kicked. Tara is like a friend who pushes you to your limit in a positive way - great classes like no where else"
- Kim Riekenberg

Are your ready to get results?

Earn your body while still having fun!