Meet Tara.


When your livelihood is your body —work with the best.

Tara has been making waves in the fitness industry since 2009. At a very early age she watched her Mom lead aerobics classes in the 80’s which impacted her love for combining choreography and fitness. Unlike most trainers, Tara was never an athlete or on a sports team, she has a history in dance and theatre with a degree from Wagner College in NY. It was in college she started instructing group fitness classes and found her niche combining dance along with a strength training elements to create her classes for the ultimate sculpted, but lean body.  

After a few years of teaching group fitness at various NYC gyms, Tara opened up the boutique fitness studio PNT FITNESS  in Queens in 2011 where her creativity could flourish.  It was over the course of the next few years as the owner, manager, instructor and personal trainer of her studio when she started to develop her model clientele following. Eventually Tara became the go-to trainer for signed and aspiring models to refine & calibrate their physiques to be runway ready in a healthy, sustainable & habitual way, while still keeping her regular clients as well!

In Spring of 2016 Tara rebranded her studio, FIT to a T, and moved it to the heart of Manhattan near Bryant Park. Offering more toning & cardio focused classes with her personal training. For 2.5 years she managed, operated and taught classes. In Summer of 2018 Tara closed her Manhattan location as her and her husband moved away from NYC in order to start a family.

Tara is certified through American Council of Exercise (ACE), Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and has a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification through ACE. She was featured on Season III of the online show FIT OR FLOP  and is the face for the luxury fitness clothing line VIELET PERFORMANCE MERINO. Tara promises to inspire and motivate you to have the best body imaginable in the healthiest way, all while having fun. 

Fit to a T is dedicated to the fine art of elevating your body to its fullest potential with fun, inspiring & creative personal and small group training. What sets Fit to a T apart is the emphasis on nutrition coaching. You simply cannot out-train a bad diet.

"I've been working out with her for nearly two years and I STILL crawl home afterwards - in both classes and personals. But don't let that scare you, her workouts are beginner friendly all the way to advanced friendly. She motivates in a positive and high energy way which is definitely effective for me. She's so dedicated to her clients and I'm so grateful to have been referred to her. Go see her now if you haven't already! "
- Lacey Nelson

"Working with Tara is amazing! She is very understanding of what I want to accomplish with my body and knows what to do to get me there. Tara customizes each workout to my specific body type and is goal oriented! She definitely kicks your ass lol!"
- Caroline Lowe